Experience, Leveling and Death

The level cap in Anphillia is 16. There are no multiclass rules nor penalties, however, certain classes require additional roleplay effort.


There are four sources of XP in Anphillia: Combat, Timed, Exploration and Quest.

  • You get combat XP from being around combat when a monster dies.
  • You get timed XP by just being in game and not AFKing. When you start AFKing, the timed XP rates slowly drop, and then you get a message when they stop.
  • You get exploration XP by finding certain locations of interest. You get higher XP rates visiting areas you haven't visited in a while.
  • Your XP gain is affected by your level and the level of everyone else on the server (except new characters). If you are too far ahead, you get less XP. If you're new and everyone is advanced, you get more.
  • Your XP gain is affected by your faction's levels compared to the enemy. If one faction is significantly ahead, it gets throttled/others get a boost.
  • Your XP gain drops after playing for a long time in a single day. This gets reset every 12 hours. There is no hard daily cap, but after some point, the gains slowly dwindle.
    • Whatever XP you "lose" this way is preserved and slowly fed back to you in the future.
  • The XP is applied when you rest. Unapplied XP is preserved when you relog, or across server restarts. There is a maximum XP per rest, and you will start getting messages when you near that cap.

The exact constants used in these calculations change on a daily basis.


Dying in Anphillia is bad, but not the end. On death, you will lose some experience, all the gold you had carrying with you and any unrefined resources (raw ore, minerals and wood) you have been carrying, and be transferred into the Fugue realm.

You will also drop a corpse. Other players can either cast Raise Dead / Resurrection on your corpse, or carry you to an NPC that will do it for a fee. Getting raised like this carries no additional penalty.

Players can also bury, burn or scalp your body, which will cause you to immediately respawn back home. Scalping produces a trophy that can be used for claiming bounties, or certain crafting enchantments. Scalping carries an additional XP penalty to the dead guy. A corpse could be burried, for a lower XP penalty or burned for an even higher one.

Finally, you can exit the fugue realm through the Orb, which will carry the bigger XP penalty than any other path back to life.

The Fugue is an In Character area, so you are expected to roleplay in it (assuming you're not alone there). However, upon return to life, you will have no recollection of the fugue or the events leading to your death.

It is advisable that in cases where it makes RP sense, you roleplay your death as a "near death experience" instead. This contributes to realism and the feeling that death should be feared.