Class Changes

It is important to note that classes must be roleplayed. If you have levels of Paladin, you are a champion of good in service to your god. Acting out of character for a Paladin (or Cleric, Druid, etc) will result in losing the Paladin powers. Similarly, Monk characters are monks, not "brawlers".

You need to be able to justify your mechanics build with roleplay, or the build will be corrected until the character makes sense.


Hide in Plan Sight has a cooldown of 1 minute. This cooldown decreases by 10 seconds for every additional level of Shadowdancer the character posses.

Red Dragon Disciple

The Red Dragon Disciple is rebranded to Blue Dragon Disciple for roleplay reasons. The only mechanical difference is that the flame breath shoots lightning instead of fire.

Additionally, RDD characters do not get wings.

Wizard, Sorcerer, Bard

Some high level arcane spells require spell components to cast. Lack of the components results in "casting from hit points" and a concentration check.

See also: Spell Changes


Monks must be devoted to a monastic order and follow their practices.


Rangers get a tracking ability that lets them find creatures in wilderness areas.


Paladins get an "Inspire Courage" ability that temporarily raises saves vs fear for nearby allies by 4. They also have a "Detect Evil" ability which gives them a rough idea of the amount of evil-aligned creatures in the vicinity.

Paladins do not have access to their paladin mount.