Skill Changes

Skill Point Banking

You can only "bank" (i.e. leave unspent for next level) as many skill points as your INT modifier, plus one (minimum of one, so you can always invest in cross-class skills). Additional skill points will be distributed to your skills arbitrarily.


Parry skill has been "fixed" to behave as per the in game description - i.e. it can block more than three attacks in a round. See here for details on how it was "broken" previously.

Pick Pocket

Pick pocket skill is used to steal the loot from corpses and chests without others in your party noticing. Using pick pocket on another player will only potentially steal gold from them, not any items.

Unused Skills

The following skills have no use in Anphillia:

  • Craft Armor
  • Craft Weapon
  • Craft Trap
  • Ride