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== Optional Downloads ==
These are not required to play the game, but can help you customize your character. The customizations will appear on other CEP servers as well. To install, find the file with the same name you already have and overwrite it with this one.
* [https://transfer.sh/VPsgU/cep2_custom.hak Unlock additional voicesets]

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Welcome to Anphillia!

Anphillia has released on June 22nd!

We are a Persistent World for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition.

Connection info

You can find us in the server browser as Anphillia, or direct connect to

The server uses nwsync so any required files will be automatically downloaded when you join for the first time.

For additional questions, comments and discussions, join our discord: https://discord.gg/Vw6q4bA

Module info

Anphillia is a roleplay server with a strong Player vs Player (PvP) narrative. You play as soldiers at war in one of the two factions fighting for survival on a small island in the Trackless Sea. It is a low magic world with players working together in teams towards a common goal. As part of the war effort, you will need to repel enemy attacks and mount your own, work to secure and process natural resources and maintain dominance of strategic locations.

Further Info

Server rules

Mechanics changes